by peaer

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what I do when I can't watch television.


released November 14, 2011

friends of all shapes and sizes.



all rights reserved


peaer Brooklyn, New York




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Track Name: sun
im swirling into the sun
i severed my tethers to the ground
i am the only one
collecting condensation from the clouds

and all i see
are the peaks and valleys carved
by the upper air

im turning into no one
the weather better whethered alone
shadow on the sun
my shadow will keep you cold

and now i see
all the arcs and loops lick
the fury flares
burns my hair
all thats left
is a patch
of dead grass
on your lawn
Track Name: blood
when the blood stops dripping from your fingertips
i won't be watching for you to move an inch
when your bones keep cracking under the weight of your sin
I'll be painting pictures of the lines on your skin

they all saw you flip your car on the road we drive every day at dawn

how does it feel to get stabbed in the chest?
is the metal cold as it pierces your breast?
like the rest of your body kissed by wind
biting every inch of your too-exposed skin

when the blood is dripping from your purple lips
my eyes are open as i lean in for a kiss
Track Name: sheets
when your jaw hurts
from grinding your teeth
in your sleep
in your sleep

because you dream
of the life you had to leave
when your nose
started to bleed


when your body
starts soaking in
to your sheets
to your sheets

and your mother
cries them clean
with her tears
as she weeps

for her son
became nothing more
than a bed unmade
another chore

Track Name: direction
we were boys
from the city
forced to drive
through trees
getting lost
getting nowhere
we decide
to stay the night

ill deal with it later

until we took
off our shoes
and started to walk
with bare feet
stepping on
sharp rocks
bugs would bite
our backs

ill itch it forever
Track Name: salt
i am jumping eyes open into salt water icy cold
waves lapping at the rocky shore
cuts paint my body
as the water runs into my blood
i decide to swim getting tossed and turned
the salt water burns
Track Name: virus
i want to be a virus
that feeds off of people
giving everyone the sniffles
until they become a virus too
i'm not living or dead
ill get in your head
until you become a virus too

maybe i'm already a virus
ruining your day
making everyone suffer in their own special way
ill only get out of your head
if you infect one off your friends
or let me sleep in your bed
where we can lay until we're dead
or i can lay until i'm dead
along with all of your friends
Track Name: lost
the trees
the leaves
were green
when you said
that you'd never leave

the wind
the snow
made us lost
in the cold