the eyes sink into the skull

by peaer

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"After 30 minutes:
6} The skin gets purple and waxy
7} The lips, finger- and toe nails fade to a pale color or turn white as the blood leaves.
8} Blood pools at the lowest parts of the body leaving a dark purple-black stain called lividity
9} The hands and feet turn blue
10} The eyes start to sink into the skull"


released September 1, 2014

all music written/performed/recorded by pnk
additional mixing by awj
thank you to wjr & mgs for microphones, bass guitars, eternal love, tolerance, wisdom, and encouragement
thank you to wdp for the drumset
thank you to ang for the glockenspiel
thank you to you for yourself



all rights reserved


peaer Brooklyn, New York




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Track Name: mouther
it crept in slowly, i felt it touch me right above my knee.
i'm afraid to speak, what will come out of me?
i guess we'll wait and see.

it crawled out of me through my fingertips.
one by one they split open.

written as opposed to spoken
through your mouth they come in
tasteless and paper thin
hidden beneath your skin
Track Name: the dark spot
something holding me back
less than half an inch of glass

in the dark spot of my face:

empty chairs,
people pass,
crumpled notes kicked around by drafts.
(my) legs grow longer, hair grows longer

in the dark spot of this place
at the right time, in the wrong place
Track Name: it/again
the whole night
the entire time
you were in my mind
but it was by my side

its trouble to make out the shape of your face in the dark

every time you leave
i just want to speak
harsh and freely
something opening

i stumble to say,
pointing out the space around the thing in the dark

you'll be far but you're still here
Track Name: left/felt
i hope you left with a smile on your face
i hope you felt like diamonds in a case

i saw a ghost it hovered low i watched it's slow glide
i saw right through it but i couldn't believe my eyes

the air grew cold, so I grabbed my coat just in case it snowed in fucking July.
Track Name: wet dream
i felt for you holding my belt,
your hands i seek.
antsy in my wet sleep.
i weep and try to come when you come but its all over too soon.
something tells me deep inside that you're not one to prove something you feel deep inside.
I'm all over you, bits and pieces speckled white.
Track Name: your eyes/your skull
your heart
lives in
your head
and when
you're dead

the eyes they sink into the skull
to get a glimpse of what hurts the most
and what they found is not a brain
just some coagulated vein

whats wrong?
whats gone?
whats strong?

the only thing to ask yourself
is how you feel or how you felt
the moment it crawled inside your head
through your mouth or in your bed
Track Name: surprise party
you seemed so surprised that i would wake up so early and spend so much time watching you sleep "just as long as you're here with me."

you changed your mind and now i'm feeling surly. spending so much time going to sleep because you're always in my dreams.
Track Name: lullaby
{wishing you the sweetest of dreams}
Track Name: dusty
covering my eyes, feeling my size shrink to the smallest thing in the world.

i was swept up like dust.
i felt trust, or was it lust?
it comes up often enough,
i might as well let it rust.

i can't help how i felt.

swirling around, see me dance in the sun.
i am part of you, or at least i was.

something's gone from my brain,
or my heart, they are the same lately but i'm working on it.
basically i've got it down.
if you want to dust me off, just call i should be around.

glowing in the sky, you will ask me, "why?"
no one will be there.