by peaer

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these were songs that I was saving, hoarding, putting online in no order, keeping secret for too long. i decided to put them all in the same place.


released February 17, 2013

artwork by Adam Levison (flickr.com/elasmotherium)



all rights reserved


peaer Brooklyn, New York




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Track Name: gray
i watched you roll in from the south
i watched you roll out of my mouth
i watched you surround my house
i watched you form into clouds

ive watched you take good men's lives
Ive watched you make women cry

i let you flow through the trees
i let you stain my teeth
i let you hang in the air
i let you dirty my hair

i let you wear me down
i let you help me out

i watched you fade the world to gray
i let you kill me anyway
i watched you blur out the sky
you are the reason i will die

while i'm still alive
you are the reason I will die
Track Name: money (losing it)
waking up costs five bucks
each step is ten cents
ask me what its like to stay awake?
take a guess

a drop of sweat is ten cents
and water is a dollar
but luckily the price of sleep
is free

why wake up when theres a hole in your pocket?
why look for it when you know you haven't lost it?

a cigarette costs twenty-five cents
a drink is by the bottle
a walk in the park is free after dark
and a drive is by the mile

why wake up when theres a hole in your pocket?
why look for it when you know, when you're sure, when you realized that you've lost it.
Track Name: worms
i do not want to sleep with you
i'd rather just writhe like worms in a pit of dirt

i do not want to sleep with you
i don't want to risk our bodies trying to become one
in the night
when only part of me feels right
and that's the part of me I choose to ignore
Track Name: etude a
Track Name: etude b